Are You Worth Following?

Follow me. If you were to make the request, are you worth following?
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And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 ESV

In this age where every social network has a follow requirement and everyone is following someone else, the questions need to be asked: Are you worth following? By whose standard?

2000 or so years ago when Jesus asked his disciples to follow him, there was no hesitation. His disciples knew him. They knew what he stood for and they knew what was expected of them. I imagine though that they all had various reasons for obeying the call.

There may have been those who followed because they expected to receive power. Some would have followed because they believed he would soon demolish the Roman forces that occupied the land.

Still others may have followed him because they believed that he was truly the Son of God. In any case they followed even though he had the unusual caveat that they would become fishers of men.

If you were to make that same request today, are you worth following?

Better yet, if Jesus were to examine your life, would he make that request of you? What would someone learn about God if they followed you?

The persons that you follow on social media, do they pass the test? Are they worth following? What would Jesus say about the persons we follow?

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