12 Free Advent Devotionals

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The season of Advent is a great time to start preparing for Christmas. However, as it gets closer to the holidays, we become more stressed and busy.

These free Advent devotionals will help you to focus your hearts and mind as you remember the reason we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Advent Devotionals for You and Your Family

The Advent devotionals referenced below are all available for free in the YouVersion app.

Short-term Advent Devotionals

1. Advent

The devotionals recommended here range from four to five days. These are perfect to use during the period of Advent allowing you to read one devotional each Sunday leading up to Christmas. 

In cases where there’s a fifth devotional, it may be read on Christmas day. Otherwise, culminate these Advent devotionals by reading the Christmas story.

This 4-day advent devotional from the Bible Project explores four keywords associated with the coming of Christ: love, joy, hope, and peace. Each day, you’ll watch a short video on YouTube containing that day’s word study.

These short videos will help you to understand the depth of meaning of the original Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word that is not fully expressed in the English translation of the Bible.

2. Wonders of His Love

This 4-day advent devotional by Lauren Gaines is inspired by popular Christmas carols. Each day, the author draws your focus to a different Christmas song that highlights the true meaning of Christmas.

Explore classics such as Joy to the World and Deck the Halls as a catalyst for changing the sometimes altruistic narrative of Christmas.

12 Free Advent Devotionals
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3. Abide in Jesus-4 day Advent Devotional

This devotional by Thomas Nelson is all about slowing down and engaging with the Word of God using all your senses. Many times we read the Bible without trying to visualize or imagine how it would have been for the people we’re reading about.

The authors encourage us to think about what we’re reading and apply our senses to aid in our appreciation of the Scriptures.

4. Peace on Earth A 5-day Advent Devotional

This devotional plan from The Christian Standard Bible focuses on the gift of peace that became ours when the Messiah came to earth.

Many times we think of peace as the absence of war, and that’s part of it. But the type of peace that Jesus brings also has an element of justice. This devotional series that the peace of Christ is available to all who believe.

Advent Devotionals for Families

These Advent devotionals are designed to be read with families who have young children.  They are a great resource for preparing the whole family for the advent of Christ.

5. Invited to the Stable A 6-Day Family Advent Devotional

This Advent plan features devotionals from the One Big Story Bible from Christian Standard Bible. The devotionals are simple to understand while sharing a powerful lesson about the birth of Jesus. A lot of Scripture references are provided which would allow families to have a deep look at the prophecies about he Messiah and the birth of Christ.

The final day of the devotional celebrates Jesus’s ascension to the heaven and the fact that He is seated on the throne of God.

6. 7 Days of the Christmas Story

This Advent devotional by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub is written with the whole family in mind. Each day you’ll read about a different person involved in the Cheistmas story.

Each day’s devotional includes an activity to do with your children and questions to encourage deeper discussion.

Medium-term Advent Devotionals

Devotionals in this section are either ten or fourteen days long and will require a bit more commitment to complete. Read one devotional each day Mondays to Fridays, or read every day until completed.

7. Illuminate An Advent Series

This 10-day devotional by the Catalyst Church focuses on the light that Christ brought to the world. This Advent devotional focuses on five different attributes of God that we have access to because Jesus came to earth.

These are attributes that we should continue to Abide in until His Second Coming.

8. The Names of Jesus for Advent

This 14-day Advent devotional by the Bible Society explores fourteen names of Jesus Christ beginning with Alpha and Omega and ending with Jesus.

Each name of Christ is explored to give the historical context and to express its significance to believers.

Long-term Advent Devotionals

The devotionals in this section require the most commitment as they are either 21 days or 25 days long. These Advent devotionals would be great to use beginning on the first of December leading up to Christmas Day.

9. Twenty-one Gifts of Advent

This 21-day devotional by Janelle Keith focuses on 21 gifts we have received through Jesus Christ. Through the coming of Jesus, we have received peace, joy, patience, and so many other gifts that we had not had access to before.

Each day’s devotional has an “Advent reflection” that zeros in on the main point of the devotional and challenges you to prepare your heart for the Lord.

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10. Advent The Journey to Christmas

This 25-day Advent devotional by the Highland Church begins with the first promise of the Messiah and walks through various prophecies until the birth of the Savior.

Spend time looking at the brokenness of man after sin and their need for a Redeemer. Laugh with Sarah as she gives birth to a son in her old age. Hurry with the shepherds as they go to find the baby Jesus. And finally, celebrate the birth of Christ who is the Lamb of God.

Each day’s devotional builds anticipation for the birth of the Savior who is the light of the world.

Advent Devotions Printable

The Advent devotionals referred to in this section are available when you subscribe to the author’s newsletter. They are designed to be printed and included as part of your family’s Advent tradition.

11. Advent Devotional Guide for Families

This four-week Advent devotional guide by Leslie Ann Jones from Muscadine Press is designed to be printed and read for the four weeks of Advent. The final devotional is read on Christmas Day.

Devotionals explore attributes hope, love, joy, and peace. Each day has a discussion section as well as Scriptures related to the topic.

Download the printable advent devotional guide.

12. Preparing the Way for Jesus

This four-week devotional by Focus on the Family is designed to be read daily for the entire Advent period. Read prophecies about the Messiah. Read about the people who were directly affected by the birth of Christ, Mary, Joseph et al.

Spend some time thinking about how things would have felt during the time leading up to the birth of Christ.

This Advent devotional includes directions to make an Advent wreath to be a daily reminder of the real reason for the season.
Each week, instructions to design a card is provided and readers are encouraged to design Christmas cards for neighbors, family, and friends.

Download the daily Advent devotions.

Celebrate the Advent of Christ

The Advent season is about anticipating the birth and the Second Coming of Christ. An Advent devotional is a great way to prepare your hearts to focus on Jesus who is the reason for the season.

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