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Hebrews 12 Endurance is an invitation for the Christian woman to settle into her relationship with God. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of people who used to be Christians but for one reason or another have decided to return to their old life.

I’ve done it myself.

I’ve walked away from God because being in the church felt “too hard”. But when I look back at that version of myself, I realize a lot of what I was feeling was because I had no idea who I was. I didn’t know who I was because I had no clue about the character of God. I thought He was cold, hard, and unfeeling and for a while, I wanted nothing to do with Him.

That all changed when I decided to read the Bible in its entirety.

I started out with a mild sense of curiosity and a determination to get to the end of this book I had tried–and failed–to read more times than I could remember. I decided I wanted to complete a Bible year.

Before I was halfway through the Bible, Jesus blew my mind!

For the first time in my life, I understood that God wasn’t some aloof superpower. He was a Supreme Being who genuinely cared about humanity. He cared about me.

My life changed when I decided to read the Bible for myself.

I started Hebrews 12 Endurance Ministries because I wanted other women to know more about the character of God. This can only happen when women know how to study the Bible and have access to resources to help them in the walk of faith.

Hebrews 12 Endurance is a safe place where we’ll:

As we learn how to study the Bible together, we’ll learn more about our Heavenly Father and who we are in Him. As we apply what we’ve learned, we’ll finally begin to run our own races and not focus so much on other people’s. I hope you’ll join the community and have posts sent directly to your inbox.

A Little About Me

Aminata Coote

My name is Aminata Coote and I live in Montego Bay, Jamaica with my husband and son. After consuming thousands of novels over a number of years, I started thinking, “Hmmm, you know I could be a writer?”

Yet for years I put it off for fear that I would be no good at it. If I’m really honest, there was also a fear that I would be good at it–fear of success.

Added to that, whenever I shared my dream, I was told how “impractical” it was. I needed to get into a field that would “make money”. I denied my desire to write and experimented with other areas hoping to “find myself”.

In the meantime, I would scribble ideas on any surface I could find, building my portfolio for that day when I would finally be brave enough to complete something and send it to a publishing house.

The writing dream just would not go away. I dreamed of being the next Nora Roberts.

But God…

But God had a different plan. He began converting my heart. If I had to pinpoint when the change began, I would have to say it began while I was pregnant with my son. I started turning to God and depending on Him instead of trying to run from Him.

In 2014, I made a commitment to (finally!) finish the Bible year. I was going to seek Him while He could still be found. Before the year was through I had fallen in love with Jesus and committed my life to Him.

The dream of being a writer remained but now my ideas were different. Instead of romance and mystery plots, I was imagining ways of getting the gospel out.

How could I get other people as excited about digging into God’s word as I was? Would I even find anyone else who was excited about Bible study?

Standing Orders

God introduced me to a whole world of men and women who were not only studying the Bible but also sharing what they had learned. I was intrigued. I wanted to be one of them.

But half a lifetime of fear still kept me paralyzed. I didn’t believe I could do it. I was still a prisoner of fear. So much so that I did a number of studies on fear. That’s when I realized:

“God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

I became convinced within myself that I needed to start a blog. I needed to get into a habit of writing. If God wanted me to write a book: that would come in time. Still, I hesitated until I read a post that said:

“If God told you to do something and you haven’t done it if He didn’t rescind those orders, those are standing orders.”

Hebrews 12 Endurance is where I write about the God I serve. I share some of the things the Holy Spirit reveals to me as I study the word of God. But mostly, I encourage other women, the ones who don’t quite fit into their congregations, and wonder if they’ll be able to make it into the kingdom of God.

I write because God sent His Son, Jesus, to save the whole world from sin. I write to remind others that if we’re going to be faithful Christians, we have to practice Hebrews 12 endurance. We have to fix our eyes on Christ and never give up!

Thanks for taking to learn more about me and Hebrews 12 Endurance Ministries. I hope you’ll be back often as we study the Bible together and grow in Christ together.

Aminata Coote

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