The best way to know more about God is to study His Word. Dig into the Bible with me and learn more about the God you serve because to know Him is to love Him.

As Christians, we choose to live as God commands. The process of spiritual growth is one that takes a lifetime. Explore the Bible and grow in your faith.

Become a student of God’s Word. Learn to study the Bible for yourself through various Bible study methods, such as, verse-by-verse, character studies, and thematic studies.

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Commit your way to the Lord

Proverbs 16 3 encourages us to commit our way to the Lord. Here are 5 steps to commit your way to God.

Do you long for more than you currently have? No, I’m not talking about money because everyone always needs more (or thinks they do). I’m talking about a longing to have a more fulfilled, maybe

Lord have mercy

The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made (Psalm 145:9 ESV). The Lord delivered His message through Moses, ‘You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore

Rediscover God's faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is an intricate nature of His character. Humanity has proven many times through history that we are not faithful. We will disobey God. We will do things we know are not right. Thank

The Meaning of the Cross

The cross has become a huge symbol in modern times making its way into our language, art, culture, and even modern jewelry. Christians see the cross as a symbol of hope but do you know

Disappointment is, unfortunately, a part of life…and it’s easy to feel let down by God when we’re feeling dejected. So how should we handle our disappointments? One of the best ways is to meditate on

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