The best way to know more about God is to study His Word. Dig into the Bible with me and learn more about the God you serve because to know Him is to love Him.

When we decide to become Christians, we made a choice to live as God commands instead of what the world dictates. Explore what it means to be a Christian.

Become a student of God’s Word. Learn to study the Bible for yourself through various Bible study methods, such as, verse-by-verse, character studies, and thematic studies.

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We learn to trust in God as we pray, act in faith, and remember that God is faithful. These simple things can be done daily to increase our faith.
A lot of people, even non-Christians, can quote John 3:16 in their sleep. We love it because it seems like the ultimate expression of God’s unfailing love. And in a lot of ways, it is.
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